Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 All Star Weekend - Watch ASG Live!

If you can't watch the All Star Game on TV tonight don't worry you can watch it here on BBallvideos!

*Just click the link below. Broadcast begins at 8PM ET / 1AM UK / 2AM Paris time.
By the way you can click on one of the ads on this page (just 1 click is enough), I'll take it as a thank you :)

(use Internet Explorer or you might not be able to see the player)
UPDATE: it doesn't seem to show the correct channel actually (ESPN instead of TNT)

*If you don't mind hearing turkish comments but want good quality well just CLICK HERE (open link with media player)

*You can also go to my Live Game page where I set up 4 Sopcast players that are likely to broadcast the game. Apparently the 3rd one is showing it in chinese.

*Another option is to go to this site (again with IE) and choose WMOE1 on the left.

*Finally you can also log on to TNT.TV which apparently will show the game in small windows and you'll have the choice to watch between classic cam or player cams. A camera will follow a player from each team and it will change every quarter depending on the votes.

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