Monday, February 11, 2008

02.10 Los Angeles Lakers - Miami Heat

First game for the Matrix with the Heat jersey.



Last games I've put on direct download have been hotlinked to some forums and thus it used a lot of bandwidth on my server so to those who did this (to get some credit or whatever) stop stealing my links because when my bandwidth limit is reached there won't be anymore direct links so it's your loss too.


oZzy said...

Hey man props hommie ur blog is damn hot, and d idea of posting stuff with direct links is dope as hell. Anyway i tottaly get ur point. but still i would like u to reconsider d idea of posting d Slam dunk contest and d All-star game in direct links 4 d last time though. Maybe for a week or two dawg. Keep d shitt up. Big ups.........

Anonymous said...

wow thats awesome!! thanks man!!!!!!!
thank god its not megaupload

Andrew said...

YO thanks man it really sucks that idiots are hotlinking ur stuff.
ppl always gotta ruin it for others.

keep up the good work said...

Hello everybody, i would be very interested in downloading this game!! But the link is broken. If someone has a megaupload link for this game it would be great!

Thx a lot!

sava said...

hey man, can u please upload this game with megaupload, cause direct links are already deleted...thanks