Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Playoffs: Nuggets vs Mavs, Game 3


PART 1 - 2

1.3GB, MP4, invy


Anonymous said...

NBA.2009.Playoffs.Rd2.G3.Nuggets@Mavericks.x264-invy.mp4.002 is not recognized by any from my players as .MP4 file.
It's needed some very special player/codec to open it?
maybe some external program (which one?) to join with 1st part: NBA.2009.Playoffs.Rd2.G3.Nuggets@Mavericks.x264-invy.mp4.001?

Could you help me please? I'll be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

have u tried VLC ?

Anonymous said...

I get exactly the same problem. Would appreciate if someone could help.

Anonymous said...

Yes, VLC! This is remedy! Thx for help. :)